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A word from our Chairman of the Board, Peter Mørch Eriksen

Peter Mørch Eriksen has been working in the Life Science industry for more than 30 years. He has been CEO, VP, and Board member/Chairman in various companies in Denmark and USA – amongst others Medtronic(US), Pnn Medical, Sense A/S, and BioPorto A/S to name a few. Peter was Chairman of the Board of FluirGuides A/S succesfull IPO in 2021.

Peter about joining MyBlueLabel Compliance Services A/S as Chairman of the Board:
‘I honestly think it is one of the easier decisions I have made. After 30 years in the life science business, I know that regulatory compliance is an absolutely key component to achieving business success. MyBlueLabel A/S has developed a solution that makes it faster and smarter to get regulatory compliant by digitilizing and structuring the processes. I have never seen a team so eager to disrupt the compliance industry.’

Peter about making compliance an business advantage
If you are an investor it is very important to protect your business ensuring compliance at all times. Companies that are going to succeed in the future understand that workflow optimization, structure, and digitalization are key features in getting compliant. Digitalization equals speed. Speed equals lower cost. Who does not want to work faster, work smarter, in a digital solution, that is very cost-efficient and ensures faster market access with life science products?

‘I wish MyBlueLabel A/S had been around earlier in my career.

Concerns about your business requirements? We got you covered.

A tailored platform with real-time metrics and user-friendly navigation

– Peter Mørch Eriksen

Today MyBlueLabel Compliance Services A/S is privately owned.

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